The Skipton Fund

How do you qualify?

To qualify for a Skipton Fund payment you must have been chronically infected with hepatitis C as a result of treatment with NHS blood or blood products prior to September 1991, on the balance of probabilities.
Applications will be dealt with on the balance of probabilities. The Skipton Fund requires evidence from the applicant's medical notes that they probably received treatment with NHS blood or blood products prior to September 1991 but not necessarily that the batch was contaminated with the hepatitis C virus.

The Skipton Fund is aware that in many cases it would be difficult or impossible to confirm whether or not a particular batch of blood was contaminated so many years after it was administered.

Those who have been diagnosed as having been infected with hepatitis C but have cleared the virus in the acute phase of the disease without the use of interferon based treatment are currently NOT eligible to claim from the Skipton Fund.

You can claim on behalf of somebody who has died.

You can claim if you have contracted the virus from somebody who is able to claim themselves if it is your mother or a partner.

What payments are available?

The following payments are made by the Skipton Fund:

First stage payment: A payment of £20,000 is available to those who are eligible for payment under the scheme.

Second stage payment: If your hepatitis C infection has led to cirrhosis, B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or primary liver cancer there is a Second Stage payment of £50,000 available to claim and an additional annual payment of £14,749 (index-linked to the Consumer Prices Index) which is paid at monthly or quarterly intervals.

How can you claim?

All people wishing to make a claim from the Skipton Fund must first register. You can do this online by clicking here, or you can telephone the Skipton Fund by calling 020 7808 1160 to request a paper registration form by post which must then be returned to the Skipton Fund.

Upon receipt of your registration you will be sent the appropriate first stage application form and guidance notes.
The application form needs to be completed by a doctor who has access to your medical records.

During the course of 2016, the governments in England, Scotland and Wales announced changes to the system of support for those infected with HIV and/or hepatitis C as a result of contaminated blood, and their families.

In England, on 13 July 2016 the then Prime Minister, David Cameron MP, announced the government’s response to the consultation on contaminated blood which had been held between January and April 2016.  A copy of the response and the changes can be found by following this link.

In Scotland, on 18 March 2016 the Scottish Government announced changes to the level of support that it would be providing to those whose infection occurred in Scotland.  More information can be found by following this link.

In Wales, the Welsh Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-Being & Sport published a written statement announcing that for 2016/17, the Welsh government would, as an interim measure, adopt the same new level of payments as those announced for England.  The government would also be consulting those infected in Wales regarding any changes they would like to see to payments.  More information can be found by following this link.

In Northern Ireland no announcement regarding changes has been made.  Payments will therefore continue to be made at existing levels until further notice.

Changes to payments

The Skipton Fund, which makes payments to those with infected with hepatitis C, and MFET, which makes payments to those infected with HIV, have been asked to implement some of the new and enhanced payments in England, Scotland and Wales during 2016/17.

For England and Wales this involves:

  • Making the new annual payment of £3,500 to those who have previously received only a Skipton Stage 1 lump sum payment.
  • Making the increased annual payment to those with HIV and at Skipton Stage 2.
  • Making the £10,000 lump sum payment to eligible bereaved spouses and partners.

For Scotland this involves:

  • Making the additional lump sum payments to those at Skipton Stage 1.
  • Making the increased annual payment to those with HIV and at Skipton Stage 2.

The Skipton Fund and MFET will write to everyone affected by the changes individually, giving further information about payments and timescales, and any further information required. 

For any queries relating to claims please contact The Skipton Fund, PO Box 50107, London, SW1H 0YF or telephone - 0207 808 1160