The Caxton Foundation

Areas of support

The Caxton Foundation was set up to provide additional financial support in the form of grants to those who are entitled to the Skipton Fund.

The key areas in which grant support is given are as follows:

  • financial support whilst people undergo treatment for hepatitis C to ensure that the prospect of loss of earnings and additional costs associated with the treatment, such as travel and additional costs associated with dietary requirements, do not deter people from opting for treatment
  • respite breaks for those with hepatitis C and their spouses/partners/carers
  • health and mobility-related repairs and adaptations to people’s homes
  • support with debt and money management, including referrals to a specialist debt counsellor and benefits adviser
  • financial assistance with the purchase of essential household items
  • support with vehicle repair costs to ensure people can retain their mobility and independence
  • financial support to enable people to undergo re-training

Winter fuel payments

They can provide a winter fuel payment to primary beneficiary and bereaved spouse/partner households.

Benefits Advice

They can refer beneficiaries to a specialist Benefits Adviser, who can advise on a wide range of benefits-related issues. 

Advice on debt and money management

They are also able to refer beneficiaries to a specialist adviser on debt and money management issues. 


Caxton may be able to provide a one off grants towards counselling, if support is not available through your GP or local NHS trust or if you are on a waiting list for counselling through the NHS.

Prescription Pre Payment Certificate

The Department of Health has a scheme to enable primary Skipton beneficiaries to claim a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate through the Skipton Fund if they are not otherwise exempt from prescription charges.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Nicole Hornby or 020 7808 1174.